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Holiday Movies For Horror Fans

The holiday season may be one of joy, but it can also bring on some sadness for horror fans who are gifted earlier in the year during the month of October, when the spirit of Halloween results in endless horror movie marathons on TV and new releases in the theater. As soon as the 31st passes, the stores are transformed. Skeletons are swapped for Santas, and the chances of catching anything on TV that doesn’t involve yuletide cheer is slim to none. If you’re one who can’t get enough horror and blood all year long but still want to embrace the season, check out these films that take the two most different holidays of the year and merge them into your idea of the best type of Christmas movie.


They’re cute, fluffy, and bloodthirsty. When a boy becomes the owner of a pair of strange, Furby-like creatures known as Gremlins, he doesn’t follow the care instructions and winds up with a group of murderous little animals who transform into demon-like monsters at night. The 1984 horror comedy starring Zach Galligan has been making fans cringe and laugh for over two decades now.

Jack Frost

No, not that Jack Frost, the overly sappy story of a boy’s dead father coming back as a snowman. This version (which came out a year earlier) features a freak accident that takes a notorious serial killer being transported to execution and turns him into a vicious abominable snowman. As bodies begin to pile up in a series of strange, winter-themed murders, the sheriff who locked the criminal away to begin with makes it his mission to put an end to the madness before anyone else dies. It’s a dark and sinister twist on that beloved figure synonymous with winter fun.

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