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Episode 490 - Clinical and Soylent Green
Amy reviews Clin…zzzz…clin…., huh?! what? Sorry, Amy reviews Clinical for Straight-to-Vide...
4/23/2017 Download
Episode 489 - Late Night Double Feature and Green Room
It’s Andy’s turn to take a bullet for Amy and watch Late Night Double Feature. The rest of...
4/12/2017 Download
Episode 488 - Halloweed and The Green Inferno
Mikey B takes a bullet for Amy and watches the comedy/horror film Halloweed (not to be con...
4/2/2017 Download
Episode 487 - News and Misc. Debris
Join us for our HorrorHound Weekend wrap-up, the latest in horror (sequel, mostly) news, a...
3/26/2017 Download
Episode 486 - The Charnel House and Ronin
Chiseck returns to share the 1998 John Frankenheimer thriller Ronin with the crew. Andy re...
3/12/2017 Download
Episode 485 - XX and Dirty Work
Andy forgot to watch his film for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette, so we discuss the ne...
2/26/2017 Download
Episode 484 - The ReZort and Headhunters
Kelley reviews The ReZort for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette and the crew discuss Fred...
2/12/2017 Download
Episode 483 - Los Parecidos and The Fugitive
Andy picks The Fugitive for this week’s Main Attraction. Freddy reviews Los Parecidos (The...
2/5/2017 Download
Episode 482 - The Girl in the Photographs and Mulholland Drive
Andy reviews The Girl in the Photographs and the Crew discuss Mikey B’s pick Mulholland Dr...
1/24/2017 Download
Episode 481 - The Wailing and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Freddy reviews Goksung (The Wailing) for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. The Crew disc...
1/8/2017 Download
Episode 480 - 2016 Year End Rear End
Join us as we remember the year that was in a very relatable way....
1/1/2017 Download
Interview: Hannah Fierman (SiREN, V/H/S)
Freddy interviews Hannah Fierman. Horror fans will know Hannah from the films V/H/S and Si...
12/31/2016 Download
Episode 479 - Ghost Team and Beyond the Gates
Remember VCR board games? The Crew discuss Jackson Stewart and Stephen Scarlata’s Beyond t...
12/18/2016 Download
Episode 478 - News, Feedback, and a Book Poroner
News, Chuck Tingle, My Best Friend’s Exorcism, your messages and much, much more! Enjoy!...
12/11/2016 Download
Episode 477 - Satanic and Bernie
We wrap up our 2016 true crime series with a discussion of Richard Linklater’s 2011 comedi...
12/4/2016 Download

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